6 Free Gratitude Journal Printables For The Whole Family

2020 has been one heck of a year! Yet even with all the negative, terrifying, and maddening things that have taken place, there is still a lot we have to be thankful for. Practicing gratitude isn’t something that should only take place when life is going how we want it to go. It’s acknowledging everything we have to be grateful for despite the chaos, pain, and destruction taking place.

With Thanksgiving being a day when friends and family gather to give thanks, November is recognized as being the month of gratitude. You may have heard of 30-day gratitude challenges or the month referred to an attitude of gratitude. Whatever the name, the gist remains the same, find something to be thankful for each day throughout the month of November.

To help you and your family practice gratitude this November, I have whipped up a few printables. They can be used in various ways. Included in my free pack of printables are six different gratitude journal pages/worksheets giving everyone in your family a choice.

Let’s take a look at them and the various ways your family can practice gratitude this November!

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Gratitude Journal / Worksheets

The Mom’s free gratitude bundle includes six different worksheets.

  • Fill in the pumpkin
  • Numbered
  • Fill in the pie
  • Lined
  • Fill in the turkey and his feathers
  • Write your gratitude on the cornstalk
Do you have an attitude of gratitude? The moms want to help you and your family get your gratitude on with a FREE downloadable gratitude worksheet bundle! Six different sheets to choose from! Download yours today!
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How to Use Practice Gratitude

Daily Gratitude

Take the 30-day challenge or end it on Thanksgiving day, which this year is November 26. Either way can be done solo, as a family but individually, or make it a full-on family group effort.

Post your gratitude worksheets on the refrigerator with Thanksgiving-themed magnets for all to see or keep them private until a specified date to come together and share them with each other.

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Thanksgiving Day Activity

Our free gratitude journal pages can also be laminated and made into placemats. Place one for each guest at your dinner table along with a dry-erase marker. During dinner, have everyone write a few things they are grateful for on their mat and then share them during dessert. The mat then makes a nice memento of the day and they can reuse them whenever they want.

Get your free Thanksgiving Gratitude downloadable printables here!

However, you choose to use them, remember that while there has been so much heartache and destruction this year, there really is a lot we have to be thankful for.

Have fun and get your gratitude on!

Giving thanks has never been easier thanks to the Mom's FREE downloadable gratitude worksheet bundle! Make expressing gratitude a month-long family affair or a Thanksgiving day activity. Get your FREE gratitude printables here!
Get Your Free Downloadable Gratitude Journal Printable Pack Here!

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