How To Host A Socially Distanced Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Don’t let the pandemic steal your Halloween spirit! Get your creep on with this safe and entertaining Halloween scavenger hunt!

Whether your city, county, state, or country has limited or banned some of your favorite ways of celebrating Halloween, or if you just don’t feel it is safe to partake in your usual activities, this alternative activity can be just as fun, if not MORE!!!!

Holidays have taken a hit this year. Families weren’t able to gather to celebrate Easter and in America, most of our typical Independence Day festivals were canceled.

While talking with my daughter about how disappointing this Halloween would be without being able to gather with her friends, it dawned on me that they could still celebrate together without physically being together!

My solution is perfect whether you live in an area that is heavily restricted or not. It’s ideal for those who due to health reasons aren’t yet comfortable with gathering in groups and best of all it can be played with friends and family from all over the world!

Gather your friends and family for a socially distanced Halloween scavenger hunt! Our mom Cynthia shares how to host one without spending a penny or putting any of your at-risk relatives in danger.

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Why a Virtual Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Choosing to celebrate Halloween with a virtual scavenger hunt protects our at-risk friends and family without excluding them. This virtual event allows them to participate in a way that they can feel safe.

A virtual scavenger hunt gives family and friends who live too far to gather an opportunity to join in the fun.

Best of all it is a fun way for friends and family to come together to share some laughs.

Anyone can host or participate in a virtual Halloween scavenger hunt! Keep your at-risk friends and family safe while including them in the festivities.

Choosing a Hosting Platform

To host a virtual Halloween scavenger hunt you will need to choose an online platform that all participants can use. Things to consider are the forms of technology each participant owns, will online contact will be for a limited or extended period of time, and whether participants prefer the event to be private or public.

Some scavenger hunt platform options to consider are:

  • Private Facebook Group or Event
  • Instagram Stories (create an event hashtag and request that host is tagged for each event post)

How to Host a Virtual Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Hosting a virtual scavenger hunt requires choosing a platform, inviting guests, creating teams, defining rules, and issuing awards at the end.

This event can be totally free by rewarding winners with virtual ribbons or awards. I have provided some free images below for you to use.

The only expense for anyone to participate would be for fuel should any of the teams or team members (the whole team doesn’t have to remain together) choose to venture out in search of items.

Encourage participants to dress up by issuing bonus points. These points can be used to break ties should more than one team find the same amount of items on the list.

The only item needed to participate would be a cellphone, tablet, or computer with a camera.

Do not post the scavenger hunt list until the time of the event. Either at the start time or a few minutes before, post the list on your chosen event platform or via email/text/messenger. (Be sure to gather phone numbers/emails prior if that form of contact is chosen)

Choose event time and length. Variations are listed near the end of this post.

Divide participants into groups. You can pit households against each other, combine singles and couples from anywhere, choose guys against gals, etc. Just make sure that when dividing people who live together that each has their own phone/tablet/computer to participate.

Have participants check-in prior to the event start time. For Instagram, they can post a selfie and tag the host on their stories. With a Facebook group, I suggest creating group threads and have individuals check-in under the comment section of their group.

Teams that have members from multiple locations can use Messenger video chat, FaceTime, etc. to communicate with each other throughout the event.

Throughout the event post or go live with words of encouragement, updates on how other teams are doing, and optional bonus items.

Include bonus points for groups who find all the items on the list. For example give the first group to find every item 100 bonus points, the second 75, the third 50, and the fourth 25.

At the end (the time you designate it to end), tally items found and add in any bonus points earned. Announce the winners and issue awards. This can be done live on either Instagram stories or in your Facebook group/event.

How to host a virtual Halloween scavenger hunt! Have contestants post selfies with the items!


  1. The goal is for each group to find each item listed on the scavenger hunt list and to provide proof with a picture taken from their phone/tablet/computer.
  2. The items can be exactly as described on the list or an interpretation of it. For example, a spider web can be an actual spider web or the kind you decorate trees and bushes with. A pumpkin can be a real pumpkin, a craft pumpkin, one painted on a plate, or even an inflatable one! All items must be something you find or see on that day, not internet images or from your family vacation photos. They can be found in or outside of your homes, anywhere outside and around town, in stores, or any place that the public is allowed in each participant’s area. This option allows each participant to leave home or stay put.
  3. Pictures must include the face of one of the participants. This requirement will prevent pictures from the internet or their photo galleries from being used. Having one of the group members present in the photo wearing what they had on when they checked in provides proof that the picture was taken on that day.
  4. A picture of the item located must be posted on the platform of the event. Instagram stories should include event tag, host tag, and item tag. For Facebook groups or events, the host may choose whether photos should be included in the comments of their group’s thread or in the discussion feed.
  5. If your group finds the final item before time runs out be sure to contact the host asap to claim your bonus points.
  6. Winners will be announced at a time designated by the host.


Your Halloween scavenger hunt could be an all-day event or a designated one, two, or three hours.

Scavenger hunts could take on a bingo style instead of points. See example printout below.

This fun event can be as easy or difficult as you, the host, chooses for it to be.

Scavenger Hunt Images

Use these images for your scavenger hunt or create your own. Click right on photo to save and use.


Use Canva to create lists and award images to share within your Facebook event or to tag the winners with on your Instagram stories.

Halloween scavenger hunt award


This event provides an opportunity to bond with friends and family near and far while respecting those who cannot celebrate otherwise. It’s an event that can be personalized to fit your needs and time constraints.

With that said, time is ticking, choose your platform and send out invites!

By the way, should you host a scavenger hunt, be sure to come back and share how it went!

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