3 Outstanding Tips To Help You Sleep Better

Are you getting enough sleep?

Would you like to sleep better, longer, and wake up feeling refreshed?

Lack of sleep affects your health. Did you know that not getting enough sleep could lead to cognitive impairment, heart disease, heart attack, heart failure, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity?

Not sleeping enough is also a leading cause of accidents. Drowsiness from sleep loss slows your reaction as much as drunk driving!!!

Let’s explore three important tips to help you sleep better tonight!

Sleep better by blocking out distractions

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Block Out Distractions

To sleep better, you need to block out distractions. Distracting items may include your cell phone, television, noise from another family member watching television, a snoring spouse, or neighbors hosting a late-night party.

Light is another distracting factor. The glow of a computer/television screen, street lights, or a neighbor’s holiday light display may make it difficult for you to fall asleep.

To block out audible distractions I suggest the following:

  • Use the Do Not Disturb function on your cell phone. I have mine set to only allow calls from a select few people who know not to call in the middle of the night unless there is an emergency.
  • Wear earplugs.
  • Purchase wireless headphones for the family member who watches late-night TV.
  • Sleep with your windows closed to block out outdoor noise.

Block out light with these suggestions:

Relax Your Mind and Body

To sleep better you need to relax your mind and body.

Sleep apps like CALM offer soothing sounds, music, and even stories to lull your mind to sleep. Releasing your worries and thoughts in a journal can help both your mind and body let go of the day’s stress.

Relax your body by taking a warm bath. Add a lavender bath bomb for an even more relaxing experience. If restless legs or muscle cramps keep you awake or disturb your slumber, try using a magnesium-rich lotion. I use a natural lavender scented magnesium lotion that makes my legs feel like they are melting into my mattress. You can read my full review here. A bedtime yoga routine is also great for prepping your mind and body for sleep.

Sleep Better With A Bedtime Routine

The Mayo Clinic suggests sticking to a sleep schedule, and this mom agrees! And although I agree, I also understand how difficult it can be. As someone who has been diagnosed with multiple chronic illnesses, I know how pain can disrupt sleep and schedules. With that said, by following many of the tips suggested above, I have been able to follow a sleep schedule most of the time.

One thing that helped was creating a bedtime routine. Depending on my day, my body and mind may need up to several hours to prepare for sleep.

Ways to create a bedtime routine you can stick to is to set a time to stop working, cleaning, or playing for the day. Unwind, unplug, and let the day end. Do something that calms and relaxes your body, such as removing makeup, cleansing, and moisturizing your face, relax muscles with a foot and back massage, set your clothes out for the next morning, and listen to relaxing music or sounds.

Do NOT watch TV, get into a heated online debate, or engage in stimulating conversations. The goal is to relax, not wind yourself up. Take a warm bath or shower and put on your pajamas. If reading helps you relax, do it, just make sure that you set a limit on how many pages or chapters you read each night.

What sleep better tips do you have to share?

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