39 Festive Pumpkin Accessories for Your Home

Pumpkin season has arrived! With Disneyland still closed because of the pandemic, I won’t be able to get my autumn decor fix in the park. This year my only choice is to fill my home with as many festive pumpkin accessories as my wallet will allow!

Like Disneyland, I don’t just decorate one area of my home for the holidays. I love filling each room with fall related items.

The great thing about pumpkins is that they aren’t just for Halloween or Thanksgiving. I see them as a symbol of autumn, comfort, and fun. So instead of feeling overwhelmed by my desire to play at my favorite theme park, I plan to create a fall harvest of happiness at home.

Here are 100 festive pumpkin accessories to fill your home with!

Bring the pumpkin patch home with these festive pumpkin accessories!

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Autumn Living Space

Pumpkin pillows add a touch of fall and comfort on sofas and armchairs. Grab a classic pumpkin print or shaped pillow to adorn your fireplace or bookshelf. And you can’t go wrong with fun quotes like “The cutest pumpkin in the patch”, “My blood type is pumpkin spice”, and “Pumpkin spice and everything nice!”

Bring the pumpkin patch home with these festive pumpkin pillows!

Check out these festive pumpkin pillows!

It may be too warm to use my living room fireplace, but a pumpkin spice candle is a fabulous alternative to make it feel like fall.

Pumpkin spice and everything nice! Delight your senses with a seasonal scented candle!

Nothing beats curling up with a pumpkin throw on a cool autumn evening.

Bring on cool autumn temps and curl up with these festive pumpkin throws!

Kitchen and Dining Pumpkin Accessories

Fill these pumpkin cookie and candy jars with tasty fall treats.

No tricks, just a bunch of treats with these festive pumpkin cookie and candy jars!

Serve heaping slices of pumpkin pie on your new dinnerware!

Bring the pumpkin patch home with these festive pumpkin dinnerware!
Shop these pumpkin dinnerware designs

Bathroom Pumpkin Decor

Treat your family and guests with these pumpkin bathroom accessories.

Bring the pumpkin patch home with these festive pumpkin accessories for your bathroom!


Outdoor Pumpkin Love

Give your front and backyard an autumn makeover with these pumpkin inspired outdoor decorations.

Bring the pumpkin patch home with these festive outdoor #pumpkin accessories!


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  1. thehobbithold
    September 14, 2020 at 6:46 am

    I love pumpkin scented candles!

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