Free Hot and Iced Coffee

Do you love coffee?
How about FREE coffee?
With the offer I am about to share, you can get eight weeks of free hot and iced coffee!!!

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Love coffee? ☕️ How about eight weeks of #free hot and iced coffee? Find out how here! #coffeelover

Coffee Club

Back in June, I joined Panera Bread’s coffee subscription club. Since then I have been enjoying one and sometimes two or more FREE cups of coffee a day. And the best part is that I haven’t paid a cent for it!

How to get Your Free Hot and Iced Coffee

Throughout the free period, there is no subscription charge. You will have to set up your payment method for when it ends, but that is it. It is easy to cancel, should you decide not to continue after your eight weeks of free coffee.

No purchase is necessary to redeem your free coffee. While my family and I have been enjoying trying different pastries and indulging in weekend bagels, I am not required to purchase anything.

When my trial period ends, I will be charged $8.99 a month. This subscription will allow me the same perk of ordering a cup of coffee every two hours without charge.

Love coffee? ☕️ How about eight weeks of free hot and iced coffee? Find out how here!

Pros and Cons

My husband and I have yet to discover a con to this deal. We have two locations near our home, and there is one located near my husband’s office. Unlike Starbucks, Panera Bread is not on every corner and may not be worth the drive for you.

Depending upon the pandemic restriction in your area, curbside and at-door pick-up may be your only options. Currently in California, indoor dining is not permitted.

As mentioned above, I have been a member since the end of June 2020 and have no complaints. In fact, I will continue with my subscription even after my monthly fee kicks in because of how much I will save. On average and before joining Panera Bread’s coffee club, I would spend a minimum of $40 a month at Starbucks or Coffee Bean and Tea. To go daily, I would have spent $120!!! At 8.99 a month, I not only get to enjoy saving money, but I can have several cups a day!

The offer is good for hot and iced coffee!

This offer ends September 7, 2020.

Click here for more details and to subscribe.

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