Are You Feeling Overwhelmed?

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed these days? With all of our “normal” ways of life as we knew it having been abruptly ripped out from under us, it is really easy to be feeling this way. I, as many of you also don’t like a change to their routine. How frightening that you couldn’t even find toilet paper in your grocery store. Adjusting is sometimes very difficult and doesn’t always feel good. We are being asked to think differently, wear masks, social distance…etc.

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Stress may make us feel angry and/or cause us to avoid and withdraw from life. Think about how the pandemic has increased your stress level and then check out this self-care tip to help you sleep and feel better.

Stress Responses

How are you reacting or behaving?   

These responses are normal but get in the way of getting anything done..  They just give us an excuse to shut down.  

Did you know that our deep brain, this is the brain stem and limbic system are not designed for multitasking, however, our cortex or frontal part of the brain can do that a little bit. 

Feeling overwhelmed by the lack of normalcy?🤨 Here’s a #self-care tip to help you #sleep and feel better.

Here is something that helps me when I’m feeling overwhelmed.

Taking a relaxing bath or doing a foot soak was something I never took very seriously until I started looking into using natural products to help my body do what nature intended it to.  It’s actually contributing to my overall wellness. 

Did you know that Epsom salts aren’t salt at all?  It’s a naturally occurring mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate.  Because it’s chock full of beneficial minerals, it’s often used in beauty, household and gardening recipes. 

But it’s really Epsom Salts health benefits that standout the most.

With all of our “normal” ways of life as we knew it having been abruptly ripped out from under us, it is really easy to be feeling overwhelmed. Sleep and feel better with this simple self-care tip.

Benefits of Epsom Salts

The combination of magnesium and sulfate is a highly effective tonic for all sorts of ailments. Simply soaking your feet or feet, if you can’t slice out a bit of time for a full relaxing bath, can benefit your body ranging from improved sleep to less pain – and everything in between.


Soaking in warm water is one of the oldest forms of natural medicine.  Add Epson salt mixture and you’ve got a highly therapeutic remedy for pain and not only does Epsom Salt help relax muscles but inflammation. Magnesium relaxes muscles while the warm water increases circulation and confuses pain receptors in the skin.

Improve Sleep

Everyone knows that stress and insomnia go hand in hand.  Not only does Epsom Salt help relax muscles, but it also helps relax the mind and relieve stress.  And since a magnesium deficiency can make stress worse, boosting magnesium intake can have a profound impact on stress levels and sleep quality. 

Draws out Toxins

We’re all being exposed to toxins practically all the time.  And when overwhelmed, our bodies may have a hard time flushing them out.  Epsom salt is a natural way to draw out toxins and replenish low mineral stores.  The feet are said to have some of the largest pores (in both size and quantity) of anywhere on the body.  So detoxing through the feet can be just as effective and efficient at clearing toxins as taking a full-body bath.

Self-Care is so important to our overall well-being whether we are overwhelmed or not, don’t you agree?    Plus a soothing Epsom Salt Bath or Foot Soak at the end of your busy day might just be the thing your body is begging for.

Click here for a free printable download listing all the benefits of Epsom salts, a DIY recipe that’s easy to make, and tips on adding some essential oils to make your bath or foot soak even more therapeutic experience!

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